Sunday, May 05, 2017

New at Tumbleweed Bison - Bison Garlic Coil, "hot" Pepperoni Stix – both Gluten Free.

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Our meat is government inspected and individually vacuum packaged. Our bison are fed a natural mineral mix and raised without any antibiotics or hormones. We are now accepting email transfer for a payment option.

(All prices in Canadian Dollars)

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Cut Specific Product Price
Steaks Tenderloin Steak $35.00 per lb
Ribeye Steak $22.00 per lb
New York Striploin $20.00 per lb
Sirloin Steak $15.00 per lb
Round Steak $12.00 per lb
Pure Ground Approx. 1 lb pkgs. $10.00 per lb
Gluten-Free Burger Patties (1/4 pound each) Package of 4 $11.00
Box of 42 $125.00
Roasts Prime Rib (Standing Rib) $18.00 per lb
Sirloin Tip $12.00 per lb
Round (Inside/Outside) $12.00 per lb
Corned Eye of Round $15.00 per lb
Smokies - cheese (4 in a package) $12.50 per lb
Other Products Bison Hotdogs $12.50 per lb
  Bison Salami $12.50 per lb
  Garlic Coil $12.50 per lb
  Pepperoni $13.00 per lb
  Maple Breakfast Sausage $12.00 per lb

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