"Historically, bison has been the second most popular type of red meat, with beef being number one. Today, the demand for bison meat is growing due to increased marketing efforts, its widespread availability, and favorable nutritional profile."

Meat Price List

Our meat is government inspected and individually vacuum packaged. Our bison are fed a natural mineral mix and raised without any antibiotics or hormones. We are now accepting email transfer for a payment option. (All prices in Canadian Dollars)

We don’t have all products all of the time, and some products are seasonal. Call for availability and we’ll try and accommodate you!

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Cut Specific Product Price
Steaks Tenderloin Steak $42.00 per lb
Ribeye Steak $27.50 per lb
New York Striploin $26.00 per lb
Sirloin Steak $22.00 per lb
Ground Bison Approx. 1 lb pkgs. $13.00 per lb
Gluten-Free Burger Patties (1/4 pound each) Package of 4 $12.50
Case of 44 $125.00
Roasts Prime Rib (bone-in) $24.00 per lb
Sirloin Tip $15.50 per lb
Inside Round $14.50 per lb
Other Products Bison Hotdogs $15.00 per lb
  Short Ribs $14.00 per lb
  Pepperoni $16.50 per lb
  Jerky $24.00 per lb
  Italian Sausage $15.00 per lb
  Bratwurst Sausage $15.00 per lb
  Maple Breakfast Sausage $15.00 per lb

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